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Cryptosteel Cassette

Cryptosteel is the original and most popular tile based wallet seed storage device available. It makes for the perfect hardware wallet accessory as keeping your recovery seed safe and secure is of the utmost importance.

Made from 100% stainless steel, Cryptosteel can withstand fire and heat up to 1,200°C and won’t rust from flooding or water damage. No engraving or stamping skills are required, simply slide the included mnemonic tiles into the slots to safely store your Ledger or Trezor seed password.

Each Cryptosteel comes with 285+ letter tiles and is suitable for both Ledger and Trezor wallet seed storage. Each side of the device can hold 48 tiles giving you a total of 96 tile slots.

Dimensions: 105mm x 60mm x 6mm
Weight: 230g

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Cryptosteel is completely fireproof up to 1,200°C, the average house fire burns at around half that temperature.


Being made of 100% stainless steel, the device is not only water proof but can withstand the corrosive properties of salt water.


Compared to paper or similar materials Cryptosteel won’t fade or degrade over time.


It’s sturdy build can withstand even a million volts. Throw at it what you can, the Cryptosteel can take it!

Video Instructions

Cryptosteel is extremely simple to use and doesn’t require any stamping or engraving tools to store your wallet seed. The whole process can be done in less than half an hour.

1. Start by taking your written seed from either your Ledger or Trezor hardware wallet so you have something to work from.

2. Turn the top left screw of your cryptosteel and gently pull down the bottom lever to release the side frame lock.

3. Slide in the appropriate tiles that match each of your seed words to the corresponding number on the cryptosteel and ensuring all rows are fully loaded.

4. When finished, close the side lock and secure the lever and top left screw mechanisms to ensure everything is locked in place.

Additionally a padlock (not included) can be locked through the outer hole of the Cryptosteel for added security.

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