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ColdTi – Titanium Plate Seed Storage

ColdTi is the ultimate cost effective solution to securely store your Ledger or Trezor wallet seed password.

Simply engrave or number punch (tools not included) your wallet seed words into the included credit card sized plates and fasten the plates together for safe storage.

The Titanium plates have a melting point of over 1,600°C making them fire-proof and water-proof giving you the peace of mind that they will survive any natural disaster.

ColdTi comes with 2 x titanium plates, 2 x binding posts & 2 x uniquely-numbered holographic stickers.

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Each ColdTi plate is made from titanium which has a melting point of over 1,600°C.


The properties of titanium make the ColdTi completely waterproof and rustproof to ensure your seed is kept safe.


Compared to paper or similar materials the ColdTi won’t fade or degrade over time.

Tamper Resistant

The included uniquely numbered holographic stickers allow you to know if your ColdTi has been tampered with.

How it works

ColdTi - Step 1

Step 1

Neatly engrave or stamp (tools not included) all parts of your wallet seed next to each corresponding number on the ColdTi plate(s).

ColdTi - Step 2

Step 2

Put the 2 ColdTi plates together (seeds inward) and firmly seal using the 2 binding post screws.

ColdTi - Step 3

Step 3

Peel and place the 2 included uniquely numbered holographic stickers onto the sides of the 2 ColdTi plates.

Video Instructions

Recording your hardware wallet seed words into the ColdTi couldn’t be simpler and more straight forward.

Depending on your engraving skills or how small your metal punching tools are, you can either record the entire seed word or just the numerical reference to the seed word based on the official BIP 39 seed word list.

Begin by placing the ColdTi plate on a hard surface such as a jeweler’s block to ensure a deep indentation from the number / letter punch.

Once you have confirmed the first word of your seed, select the corresponding letter or number punch and line it up to the first position on the ColdTi plate. Using a heavy mallet or hammer, strike the metal punch with a single hit and ensure that a deep indentation is left on the plate.

Repeat the process for each number / letter of your seed words before fastening the plates together and sealing with the included holographic stickers.

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